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    Wrongful Death Attorney in San Diego

    Wrongful death attorney in SDNothing is more painful in life than the death of someone we love, and the pain and grief that we feel with their passing is only amplified if their death was unexpected or sudden. The Jorgensen Law in San Diego can offer you some relief from your feelings of confusion, anger, and hopelessness. A wrongful death attorney in California can help you file a lawsuit and take back some control over the situation.

    The Basis of a Wrongful Death Action

    The principles of a wrongful death action are simple. When another party’s reckless or negligent behavior leads to the death of a child, spouse, or close family member, you are entitled to receive financial compensation from them as a result of the death. You may be able to collect for funeral expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and sometimes even your California wrongful death lawyer’s fees as part of a verdict or settlement from a wrongful death claim in San Diego County.

    Winning Your Wrongful Death Lawsuit in California

    When filing a wrongful death lawsuit in the state of California, you are faced with the burden of proof. This means you and your San Diego wrongful death attorneys must show the court the following legal elements:

    • That a person has died
    • That the death was caused by the willful misbehavior or negligence of another party
    • That the death resulted in you, the survivor, suffering a loss

    You can bring a wrongful death lawsuit as the surviving child, spouse, or another related party. However, there is a two-year statute of limitations, barring certain exceptions, so you’ll need to act fast.

    wrongful death attorney in San DiegoMonetary Worth for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in California

    Most people don’t know how much their case is worth when considering the possibility of filing a wrongful death claim in California. The truth is there’s no standard answer. Every case varies based on its specific circumstances. The best thing you can do in this situation is to contact a wrongful death attorney in San Diego at the Jorgensen Law for a free case evaluation. We can help you gain a general idea of how much financial compensation you may be able to obtain from the negligent party.

    Any situation where another person willfully misbehaved or acted negligently and caused you harm can be the basis of a wrongful death claim. For example, premises liability, medical malpractice, work accidents, pedestrian crossing accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and car accidents are all eligible in San Diego County.

    Hiring the Best Wrongful Death Lawyer in San Diego

    We know it’s difficult to seek compensation for the death of a loved one from the reckless or negligent party that harmed you. That’s why the Jorgensen Law of California aims to make the legal process as painless and simple as possible. We want you to focus on healing and putting your life back together. Contact us today by calling 1-888-855-2948 or filling out our online form for a free case evaluation. We don’t collect a cent unless you win your case.