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    Delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and failure to diagnose or treat a severe illness can lead to serious health complications. If you’re having trouble returning to a productive life in San Diego, our California medical malpractice attorneys are here to protect your rights with a claim that sends a strong message that this subpar treatment will not be tolerated.

    Medical Misdiagnoses San DiegoJorgensen Law in San Diego has a history of success in advocating for victims of medical negligence, including:

    • Delayed diagnosis of cancer and heart attacks
    • Delayed treatment of kidney disease and liver disease
    • Emergency room misdiagnosis and delayed treatment
    • Failure to diagnose breast cancer
    • Failure to diagnose meningitis
    • Failure to diagnose skin cancer
    • Failure to diagnose prostate cancer

    Our accomplished lawyers have years of trial experience and have awarded more than $60 million in settlements and verdicts to our clients.

    Determining Liability in Misdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose Cases

    Due to advances in medical tools and treatments, conditions that may have killed patients only 10 years ago, such as heart attacks and cancer, are no longer a mandatory death sentence. Today’s diagnostics mean these diseases can often be diagnosed and treated effectively.

    When the available tools are not used or are incorrectly interpreted, however, the chance to provide successful treatment may pass by. A patient may grow sicker or even die. Failure to diagnose maternal infection or fetal distress during childbirth can lead to serious birth injuries or the death of an infant or mother. If you or your child has suffered due to a doctor’s negligence, our medical malpractice attorneys are on your side.

    How Misdiagnosis Occurs

    Surgical Checkup San DiegoMisdiagnosis, failure to accurately assess, or failure to correctly diagnose an injury or illness can be tied to inadequate procedures by radiologists, lab technicians, nurses, and doctors, or substandard hospital policies.

    • Hospital, emergency room, or lab mistakes may lead to a misreading of CT scans or X-rays, lab errors, and lost medical records or results.
    • A physician’s failure to request appropriate tests, review and interpret test results, or refer a patient to the correct specialist can result in a misdiagnosis.

    We all trust the medical staff with our lives, but it’s important to be aware that accidents and negligence occur. The attorneys at Jorgensen Law in San Diego, California, understand these complex cases and have the skills to investigate your medical records to find out what happened. Our legal team has a history of success achieving settlements and verdicts in misdiagnosis cases and medical malpractice claims, bringing in over $60 million in financial recovery for our clients.

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    If you believe a medical professional was negligent in ordering tests or interpreting results, you deserve the truth. Contact our medical malpractice attorneys today by calling 1-888-855-2948 or filling out our online form to schedule a consultation.

    If we agree to take on your case, our lawyers will work with medical experts to review your claim and share what we uncover. Even if we find that it was not medical malpractice, you will finally have a clear explanation of what happened. If you hire us as representation, you can be sure that our attorneys and support staff will present a persuasive and powerful case on your behalf using any and all necessary resources.