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    The Most Important Part of a Disability Claim?

    Contrary to uninformed opinions regarding Social Security Disability, people who need benefits to make ends meet have to face a complex series of hurdles in order to find their claim successful. What many of these claimants don’t realize before starting to seek benefits is the crucial role that medical records play in their case.

    Without adequate medical evidence, you have no way of proving the extent of your condition, which means you’ll have no plausible way to support your claim for disability benefits. In fact, the only way to have a successful case is by obtaining proper medical documents from your doctor. Not all medical records are treated equally, though. To that end, here’s which documentation is best when attempting to provide evidence for your disability.


    This might seem like common sense, but having a piece of paper that details your treatment history is absolutely vital. In some cases, a claim cannot be approved without a detailed treatment history outlining both the treatments that were administered and how your body responded to them.


    While a document detailing your entire treatment history is necessary, you’ll also need documents that show the extent of your disability currently. Being able to present up-to-date records will be extremely helpful in your case.


    Written statements from your treating physician can also be a huge help. Because your doctor has a vast knowledge regarding the ins and outs of your condition, he or she can shed light on how your disability prevents you from maintaining a full-time job.

    Gathering these medical documents can be far easier said than done. That’s why attorney Don Jorgensen works closely with clients and their doctors to ensure that the necessary records are garnered and submitted. If you need help gathering your medical records, the team at Jorgensen Law is here to help.

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