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It’s Normal to Feel Nervous

But Here Are Some Tips to Help Alleviate Stress Before Heading to Court

Going to court can be a stressful ordeal — especially if you’re stuck navigating a personal injury case following an accident that left you physically or mentally impaired. Even with a knowledgeable attorney on your team, if you’re heading to court to inquire about or challenge an insurance company’s offer of compensation, you’re bound to feel some anxiety. On top of all this, you’re then asked to recount a painful and traumatic experience — in excruciating detail.

Regardless of the anxiety associated with this experience, you still need to try to maintain a professional demeanor and keep your head held high. However, all of us here at Jorgensen Law understand that this is easier said than done. That’s why we wanted to offer a few tips that will hopefully help you along the way:

Give Yourself Extra Time

Make sure you arrive at the courthouse with time to spare. If you’re rushing or worried that you’re running late, you’ll only amplify your stress level. Aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before your appearance time. You might have to sit and wait, but that’s far better than running late.


What You Should Leave at Home

Gum chewing, tobacco, recording devices, cell phones, food, beverages, and newspapers are not allowed in the courtroom. Similarly, in many different counties, cell phones aren’t allowed, either. If you are given permission to bring your cell phone, make sure you turn it off or set it on silent. Knowing what you can and can’t bring with you will help give you some added peace of mind.

Know Court Etiquette

The vast majority of clients our team serves are heading into the courtroom for the very first time. Therefore, we thought sharing some court etiquette could help assuage nerves or anxiety. Make sure that you speak only when instructed to, and never interrupt. When you are answering questions, make sure you only answer the question you were asked.

Even with these tips, feeling nervous about going to court is completely normal. Still, if you’re concerned or have any other lingering questions about what to expect, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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